If I Were Kanji,


would I ask Liga not to leave Tokyo for U.S.?
Even I did like her, and even I knew she was eager to stay with me, I would not, probably.
Nay, if she did ask me to keep her in Tokyo, I would probably doubt whether she really liked me or whether she deserved my affection. Because love should contain confidence to decide without being encouraged; her life, her love, and therefore her decision, not mine.
Liga's only wrongness yet fatal is that she asked so. What a pity.

Tokyo Love Story was a Japanese TV show, which first ran in 1991. It proved to be a widely influential success. Therefore, it was not out of expectation that many TV shows such as Beijing Love Story came up and even a song named Guangzhou Love Story. The Tokyo Love Story centered around four people living in Tokyo with their complicated love stories.
Nagao Kanji was the very hero and Akana Rika was the responding heroin. The rest two were Mikami Kenichi and Sekiguchi Satomi. Of all the characters, I liked Rika the best. It started with Kanji who left for Tokyo for his new job, and Rika picked him up in the airport. Rika was so straight that the first time she met Kanji she gave him a nickname called Ball, regardless of Kanji’s disapproval. (Kanji sounds like ball in Japanese.) Watching this, I believed us audience share the same feeling that how could this girl be so overbearing to a new male colleague? We can also conclude that Kanji wasn’t a tough man, the kind with strong character, and Rika, despite of her overbearing manner, was an outgoing and easygoing girl.
Rika acted as a free bird heading for the sky, full of energy. She noticed Kanji wore a doleful face walking in heavy steps. Then she asked why. He said it was just the unknown future and he’s wondered how everything would go on. Rika thought in a different way. She told him it was because of its unknown and the various possibilities in life that we should be cheerful. What a philosophic thinking!
From then on they began to know each other.
As the show went on, Mikami Kenichi and Sekiguchi Satomi turned up as Kanji’s high school classmates. These two people had very character. In this show I liked Satomi the less. She was the kind of conservative woman. Wherever she went, there was a disaster. Each time she got trouble with Mikami, she came to Kanji. Each time she came to Kanji, Kanji left Rika alone. Each time Kanji left Rika alone, Rika felt depressed.
There was once that Rika and Kanji was supposed to meet at a restaurant having supper. Then Kanji got an emergency with Sekiguchi so he didn’t come to meet Rika. Not knowing of what happened, Rika waited in the restaurant alone. Kanji didn’t show up until the restaurant was closed and Rika stood outside the restaurant in the cold, rainy winter night, keep waiting. She’s almost exhausting herself when she saw him. How silly she was!
Each time this upsetting circle occurred, I can’t help blaming Sekiguchi fiercely. I just can’t control my rage. How can you disturb this matching couple when you couple can’t get on well? The worst part was, Rika always set this upsetting stuff aside and tomorrow you can still see the bright and happy Rika.
I’m quite agreeing on her view of love.
I can’t forget the part when Sekiguchi told Rika the reason she chose Kanji instead of Mikami was because of his loyalty, kindness and she don’t need to worry about everything when she’s with him. While Rika sitting aside asked whether she loved him, Sekiguchi was puzzled and ask,”Doesn’t all this mean I love him?” “No. Love is love. It isn’t related to anything.” She loved Kanji from the bottom of her heart. It was a pure love, by no purpose.
When Mikami asked her whether she’s annoyed about Kanji’s love to Sekiguchi, she asked why. “Well, you love him while the one he love is she.” “So what’s it?Yes I love him, but who he love is none of my business. ” What a brave girl!
I can’t decide whether Tokyo Love Story was a comedy or a tragedy. But I don’t really like its end. Anyway, it was one of my favorite TV shows. It was from this show that I build up my values on love. Yes, Love is love. It isn’t related to anything.


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