i had a really good time with "Friends"(二零零五


Ten years of Friends


I have every reason to say that I love Friends so, so much. No one knows what this excellent work left in my heart when I had watched the whole ten parts over. Me? Neither. Every time when I have a absolute hard time in the unbearable boring he-teaching you-listening class or be embarrassed in front of my dear friends, I overlooked the six unbelievable geniuses, think for a while, then I repack my love and confidence for life and find that true meaning of friendship is that they are laughing, not my fake comfort.

      There are no doubts that they are amazing. So many interesting and funny things have been taken place between them, phoebe’s incredible talent for definitely weird fun which I appreciate most, Rachel’s beauty with pretty lovable ways of talking, Monica’s harsh attitude for everything that make her unpopular forever, while you are really prone to do as she told you to, and let me say that is a damn kind of charm leading to great Chandler love for her, Ross’dinosaurs? Haha, he is a little too much hypocritical but 100% cute, sexy and? Strong, ha, Joey baby who is a very terrible actor but surly he has a kind and pure heart, yes, he slept with too many women, however, how a hot girl can ignore him when he show his “ how are you doing?”, Chandler is certaintly worth of each of my respect for the gift to make jokes which are fresh to me ,for that is not Chinese style but very American enough, that is new, I want to know and learn all the ways of making people laugh aloud or sweetly, no matter where they come from or which rank they are in……

www.602.net ,      Actually, I’d rather use silence to express all my love for them, since language is so lack of power and the fun I depicted is so less compared to the happy things that happened among them. I won’t cry when I saw it’s over though I just feel a little bit sad for departure with them. I know I have had enough. I know friends more now and I believe for a man like me, friends would be the most important thing in my spare life, yes, incluing my love for my darling, my relationship with my folks.

     Goodbye, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Ross, and my beautiful Rachel, of course, my damn weird Phoebe. I love you all, my friends.


The following are some sentences I extracted from Friends:

You absolutely have to tell her, at least the time is right. That’s when deaths fall.

Oh, God? The orange juice comes out of my nose, but it was totally worth it!

She was totally at my mercy.

Tell my son, I love him!

The room would be disappointed if it didn’t get sex. All of the other honeymoon suites would think it was a loser.

The room expects room.

Don’t get religious on me, ok?

I’m totally drunk with the power.

I just realized that I can sleep with my eyes open.(don’t wanna hear bullshit)

You could cut the sexual tension in here with a knife.(somebody want sex, with whom he wants to have sex)

Oh, Boy Scouts could’ve camped under it!

I said I think you are hot and now I’m embarrassed.( when say hi to a hot girl the first time)

Tell him to e-mail me at www.hahanotsomuch.com.(unhappy)

Don’t judge me. I’m only human.

I don’t wanna be one of those wives that says “you can’t go to the game.”, You have to spend time with me!” so, just realize it on your own.(Monica’ s the boss always)

Yeah, marriage stinks! I mean if you want to see a man gain weight and a woman stop shaving? Get them married.

Both Logic and Math are taking a serious hit today.



Oceans of classic words and dialogues are laughing and touching which I couldn’t take them all, but I would suggest you : go find《Friends》and spare some time enjoying. You bet love it, my friends.


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